In every game, field event, or business, the torch must be passed on to the next person or generation in order to keep the legacy moving forward.  As a Bernina Brand Ambassador, I am always on the look out for others that could or may do what I do.  I have often wondered, what if I tell someone about this position, and they do better than me?  What if, I tell my Bernina Rep about someone, and then I get the boot?  These things we all ponder, especially in such a competitive field, as it has become in the sewing community.  We look at another person and think: 

“Wow, I want what she has….She doesn’t seem to be doing any better than me!.. I have more followers, more hearts, more likes, prettier pictures, I spent a lot $$$ on my blog!!  So, maybe, I’ll just bite off of her so I can be seen by the the “BIG” boys, do what she does, so I can be chosen to take her place.”  That’s what I’ll do!!””

So we set out to make it happen, quietly and meticulously, scheming and planning for that opportunity to pounce on the one hope that we will be recognized and chosen to become that prized “IT Girl.”  The cream of the crop of sewing machine ambassadors.  

“WAIT!!”  You don’t need to go there!!! Just ask me.  I’ll help you.  I want to pass the baton, this job is temporary for all of us.  So, please ask me, because I want another great person do a great thing in the sewing community.  I want to know that that person whom I’m passing the baton to is worthy and hungry to lead the pack after I’m gone.  Please ask y’all….BERNINA USA is looking for more folks like us to take the charge for the next few years.  Checkout the Kollabora site and read more about the BERNINA USA collaboration.  You could be the next “IT Girl” of sewing machines.
Some things, to keep in mind…
  • The fun part…You will receive a new machine on loan if you are selected as an Ambassador
  • The work….You will need to “write” tutorials which will be considered for review and maybe added to their website and published on the WeAllSew Blog.

  • Take lots and lots of step-by-step process pictures of every step in your sewing process.  
  • Learn your machine!!!  Study it, take the classes at the dealer which are required.  They are from 16-24 hours total depending on your machine.
  • Sell, sell, sell the machine to everyone you know.  Well, not exactly like a salesperson, but more like a true “Loyal” BERNINA owner would. If you don’t “really” love the machine, no matter the company, this part will be hard for you.  
  • BE LOYAL!!!  For me, I would buy a BERNINA even if I wasn’t getting one to use for free.  (Think about it…you know the cost.)
The glamour is in the brand, the work is in the process of sharing the brand.  You become “their” Brand representative in addition to your own brand.  Have fun, join in the fun.  
  • Write some process tutorials or tips for the Kollabora blog so you can be considered.  
  • Show lots and lots of pictures to show the steps you want to present.  Don’t just show the final product…they want the entire process.
  • Show how you stitch the project on the machine…it is okay if its not a BERNINA right now. Just show all the steps.
  • Pictures, pictures and more pictures.  
I welcome your questions and comments.  I want to see some great people join the ambassador program.