I remembered this project from last month when I was in the mall the other day, something I DO NOT normally do, as I really seriously hate shopping.  But, what I do like to do is research and analyze.  I was actually trying to get ideas for some outfits I have in the pipeline for Rodeo season here, which is upon us.  Some things I found were a big use of grommets and still hanging strong are zippers and fringe.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I personally have not gotten into the fringe just yet.  But I do recognize when its needed on a garment.  As with this dress… I did some updating for my daughter in prep for her company’s “The Great Gatsby” holiday party which she attended.

This is an awesome shot of her with that piece… ooh…….boy. I don’t want a debate about gun control showing up on my blog…because I DO feel its okay.  Knowledge is power.  So, keep it moving if you have a comment about that.  Otherwise, if you want to talk about fabric, sewing, and fringe, keep reading.  All the ladies were really dolled up really nicely in the group photo.  
That fine momma with the long cigarette has my vote for sure.  What a lot of sassafras and attitude right?  I just love it all.  They all look wonderful wouldn’t you agree?

I did the beaded fringe because it was important to have the dress weighted down so it wouldn’t ride up her hips since it was mesh and very light for the design.  I forgot to take a picture of her before the dress was changed.  But it was not right for the occasion if left plain.   I have so many ideas racing through my head all the time.  I just need to put pen to paper or needle to fabric.  
How do you keep up with all the ideas that come across your table?