Developing a game out of pattern play and creating fun pieces instead of always needing to worry about fitting a pattern can be exhilarating and satisfying.

renfrew- sewaholic patterns   I got the idea of this top from my regular StitchFix box this last week.

It’s no secret I have had a love affair with my Renfrew top for a couple years now. My first experience with this pattern was on a whelm when I ordered it after checking out a few people’s blogs back in 2014. I ordered my first indie pattern, from Canada, of all places. That was a hit on the wallet, but I wanted to support the indie designer, and as I recall, there wasn’t an option for a PDF. What is it about this pattern that caused me to like it so much, not withstanding the trials I had fitting my upper section. (Yes, I know now, they were not drafted for the busty.)  I wanted to know what it was that made everyone love this pattern so much. After all, it’s “just” a t-shirt basically. Shucks, I could have gotten 10-20 other patterns on sale, for what I paid for this pattern, plus the cost of shipping.

I got the idea of this top from my regular StitchFix box this last week.

THAT NECKLINE!!! My analytical mind wanted to know for sure what it was about the pattern that was different. I decided to do some measurements and find out exactly what the difference is in the neckline that causes it to sit on my chest so well.   I took my measuring tape and measured the pattern at the neck seam to determine the percentage difference from the band.  I found that it is a 12.25% ratio of neckline-to-neckband.  Plus the band is cut on an angle at the closure, which to me creates a snugger fit for the band.  I used that same percentage when I drew my new opening for this top, a little change from the basic “renfrew” which is much more open, to this more modest version and used the ratio I came up with as the base for determining my band length.

I got the idea of this top from my regular StitchFix box this last week.  (More on that later.) As soon as I saw this top out of the box, I remembered this fabric and knew it was going to be mine.  Now I know this lady, Susanne C., my stylist, is in my head, or following my Periscopes or my instagram or something.  I suspect this, because she sent me exactly the things I had been talking about on my YouTube channel or other social media.  SMH…this internet is really “mmmmmm….I can’t say.”  
Of course you know me, duplicate the heck out of that top…..I copied the front section of the original and then transferred the details to the back of the renfrew and used the neckline of their top, but made the ratio of neck to band based off the refrew to ensure the fit was spot on.  The sleeves are my renfrew sleeves as well as all the upper body, notwithstanding the neckline…as I said, I made that smaller to match the StitchFix version.   See the video here for more details on that shipment.
I enjoyed making this top, and the fact that it was chosen by a stranger….is even more unsettling.  Wow.  Check out those boyfriend jeans.  I have never even tried on a pair of those at the store.  I just don’t like shopping too much y’all.  So when I do go shopping I stick to what I know, which is not very good.  Its just a limitation I have.  Now I understand why there are stylist and wardrobe planners out there to help.  
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