No actual fruit here. Just that flavor, the color of Koolaid and watermelon on a summer day. Cool indeed because it is a rayon knit that feels cool in any weather.   I just wanted to make this dress because I had a feeling for something wild and fun.  The colors of the fabric spoke to me and I just went with the design.  This t-shirt dress look was made back in February, but I just hadn’t remembered to blog about it until now that I am doing another “Wardrobe Fit-Along” The Knit Tee-Shirt.  I added the fun flirty “bell” sleeves as another way to show off the double sided qualities that got me to fall in love with this fabric in the first place.

I couldn’t decide which side of the fabric to use since it’s a reversible double sided rayon/lycra. It was a dream to sew and even more so a dream to wear. It’s not hot nor heavy.  I bought it from “Sew Much Fabric, sold out, but here are a few others that are in cue for me to sew during my Sew-To-Fit Along that I am participating in with my “IRL” and Online sewing groups.

The pattern was a Bootstrap pattern basic….a jersey dress sloper.  I changed the hem and the sleeves to get the bottom flounce and the bell sleeves.  Such a fun look.  The neckline wasn’t included in the pattern layout since it was just a sloper.  I cut the neckline to my desired size and shape based on my own measurements, and finished it off with a 5/8″ neckband.  For the hems, I just folded the fabric over twice and stitched in place.  Since it is a two-sided fabric, that created the bias bound contrast I wanted.

So, in the case only, being two-faced is a good thing.  Have you ever sewn with two sided fabric, how did you maximize its beauty?

It is said by more than a few stylist in the world of fashion that I should have at least one “fancy” skirt, in this case a sequin skirt for the fun times and events….whether dressed up or down.  A piece such as this is a great go to item for any holiday or celebratory occasion.  Well, I do as I am told by my wardrobe consultant.  See, I made a sequin skirt.  Guess what???  I love it!!!

I originally wanted to use a basic Mccalls pattern for the skirt.  But decided to stick with my high waisted look based off Pamelas Patterns and my own measurements.  I just used my hip, waist and length measurement to create the skirt.  I included a 2 inch allowance for the top in order to make for a wide sew-on 1.5″ elastic.

The sequin fabric is from  This fabric is extremely nice.  I mean, before working with this sequin, I had a serious phobia against working with sequins.  Roz over at SMFabrics took a chance on me and gifted me outright with a cut of such a beautiful luxe fabric.  I love it…it does not act anything like the fabric sequins I have had experience using.  The pyramid shaping to the sequins gives it such a distinctive look and feel.  You can get a discount for watching my Periscopes from SmFabrics, whenever I am displaying one of her fabrics I will give you the code.  For this one, I give you a sneak peek:  its “sewtofit10”.. LoL.  Don’t tell.  But it is only good unit Monday January 4th.

It looks like leather at first glance.  The sequins are no more than 1/8″ big and are “stacked”, I mean stacked densely on the knit backing.  I was worried about adding the darts to get the shaping and how I would work them in without adding excess bulk.

There are four darts in this skirt.  I will show you the techniques in a later post, since it is so very detailed.  So stay tuned.  The lining was a really nice designer grade tricot that is really lightweight, yet strong enough to stand up to the weight of the fabric.

I wore the outfit to a friends new years gathering with the over the knee boots.  They were much more comfortable than the heels, although the heels were really cute and a great touch for the overall look.    Such fun was had making this wonderful sequin skirt and silk top “live” on periscope.  Everyone seems to enjoy immensely the live sewing time I have in my studio.  I always have so much to share and show.