If you read any of my blog post over the last few years, then most likely you would currently be calling me a liar!!  “Hello, my name is Andrea, and I am a liar.”  At least where “Off-the-shoulder” trends are concerned.

Bootstrap Fashions

It’s interesting how trends roll around like seeds scattered on the wind only to take root where the ground is receptive.  (was that a corny analogy…?)  Anyway, my point is that the looks are always in fashion for someone, somewhere, at all times.  They only become a “trend” when the masses make it so via publications such as social media.  
Bootstrap Fashion patterns

I’ve done several “off-the-shoulder” looks to date….except now my look has lined up with the “trends”…which means I’m essentially back “in-style”.  Wouldn’t you agree.

Bootstrap Fashion patterns
Oh yeah…by the way..I am also #TeamNatural.  Been there for a long time, just spent most of my looks with the flat iron..frying the crap out of my hair to keep it straight.  So, now you know me in all my true glory. See all the that heat damage on my ends….I’m just gonna leave it be for now and enjoy all the beauty of “my” hair.
Bootstrap Fashion Patterns
The dress is made of a cotton/poly stretch woven I got in New York last year from A&A Textiles.  The lining is just a lightweight rayon knit that I use to line all my knit garments.  
bootstrap fashion patterns

The fun part is that the pattern is “custom”, meaning it is drafted to my measurement.  Very minimal fitting went into this pattern.  What a wonderful treat…so you will not get a laundry list of fitting issues in this post.  Just a “happy dance” and “happy hands.”  Who wouldn’t want that right.

bootstrap fashion patterns
Construction Details:  
The pattern started off as a customized base pattern from Bootstrap Fashions.  You can find that pattern here.  It is a raglan sleeve with sleeve bands and a long skirt.  These patterns can be customized for the following measurement ranges:  Heights 4’7″ to 6’6″ and Bust: 17″-58″, Waist 16″-56″, and Hip 18″-56″.  
bootstrap fashion patterns

I redesigned the skirt portion by removing the waist gathers and side zip and made the skirt hi-lo, and I also sewed the darts with the lining and fashion fabric as one…my tutorial for sewing darts with lace overlay is here.

I created a Youtube video to help you with measuring for an off-the-should look here:
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26 Thoughts on ““I don’t do Trends!” But I Do Off-the-shoulder Dresses

  1. Love, love the entire look.

  2. If I had such beautiful skin as you, I'd bare my shoulders, too! Gorgeous!

  3. Awesome! Looks like a great fabric/pattern matchup, and you look sensational!

  4. Thanks Cennetta.

  5. Thank you Nurse Bennett.

  6. Well, thank you so very much Linda.

  7. Love it, it looks great on you friend.

  8. LaToya Smith on April 13, 2016 at 1:03 pm said:

    You look so cute in this!! And your hair is FAB!

  9. Lovely dress on you! Iit looks so comfortable and perfect for hot summer days. I have been enjoying your videos 🙂

  10. SunGold on April 13, 2016 at 2:54 pm said:

    Wow! Beautiful!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! Another winner, as per usual!! And you're totally ready for spring in the white!

  12. This is really nice. I'm not going off shoulder because my boobs are too large to wear a half bra.

  13. It looks very beautiful and suits you so well.

  14. Thanks Melanie.

  15. Hello LaToya, Thanks ma'am.

  16. Well thanks a bunch Ann. I think will be making more of these. Glad you enjoy the videos.

  17. Thank you SunGold.

  18. Thank you SewCraftyChemist.

  19. Hello Serenity, I show you how to keep the bra on in the video for those well blessed. Thank you for following along. Also, don't forget to check this lady out she is wonderful with helping us keep it all in place. Her name is Debra…https://thebracoachblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/why-did-i-write-the-ultimate-bra-fitting-guide/

  20. Thank you very much Olivia.

  21. It's a lovely dress Andrea.

  22. Gorgeous dress. You look great. You are ready for summer!

  23. Thank you Faye.

  24. Much appreciated Tomasa.

  25. Omg! I love this. Please ship this to me asap, I'm sure I can fit it even though it's customized to fit you. Lol! It's gorgeous Andrea.

  26. LOL….SewNewbie. Lady, you know you are more than welcome to this dress. It stretches, and since we are right there on sizes at the top, I think you can easily take in the hips. If you want the pattern I will send it to you.

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