It’s all about the sheath Dress

November 20th, 2015 18 Comments

Sheath dress!! I have lots of dresses, most of them have multiple design lines, lots of them, and I live for prints, any type of print. Again I say, as with the basic white shirt, here, I don’t like sewing plain solid garments. Unless, of course you can see them from a few miles away, not the old “where’s Waldo” thing either.  This cute number was made during August this year, when I first started thinking about wardrobe planning. I was originally told to make it plain….but, of course I didn’t listen.  Almost 4 months later, and I have yet to find any occasion to wear it.

With that….you might think I forgot about focusing on my basic wardrobe essentials. Yes, I am a hard head, and yes, I generally steer clear of anything remotely related to “following the crowd”. However, as I said before, I am gaining a new understanding of why I need to have a really, true, solid fundamental wardrobe.

My Sewing Fashionistas Sewing group “Wardrobe Fit-Along” is still going strong. So many of our ladies have made awesome shirts and now begun preparations for sewing up a sheath dress as we continue working to build a great basic wardrobe. Many have already received their related pattern suggestions for their body type, began fitting their patterns, and are well on their way to procuring and prepping fabric choices.

As for me, well, I have been prepping new YouTube videos for all to join in our journey. Oh, yes in indeed, it is a journey. At least for me it is a long journey, one I could not do alone. So, please come along for the ride, if you haven’t already done so with the white shirt fit-along. You could play catch up by checking out my videos, or you can just dive in where we are now with the sheath dress. If you need help choosing a pattern for your body type, just hop over to my “partner in crime’s” blog and favorite wardrobe consultant, here, to see which pattern works best for your body.

In the meantime, I will be working just a tad harder this time to get test subjects who are willing to show their fabulous bodies on YouTube to help you learn how to sew-to-fit your body, your taste, and your style!!!

This week we have started out with our voluptuous, fine and foxy, plus size model, my daughter. She doesn’t sew, but because she loves having me sew for her, she had no choice but to participate as payment for the beautiful dress she will have after its all said and done.


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Peri-Fit Pattern Fitting 1

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Gorgeous Dress and the fabric is 2die4 !!!!

Thanks Sheila.

The fit of this dress on you is amazing. You look great in that print too. Who doesn't love a great print? I really enjoy your periscopes. Thanks for sharing.

That fabric is amazing and a great choice for that pattern! Maybe you should create an event.

Nice dress Andrea! I have that pattern, one of my favorites when I want to make a quick sheath dress. You and I met at MimiG's meeting in the Galleria this past July. I live in the Fort Bend county area. I love your blog and your Youtube videos. I would love to take a fitting class. Do you have a class schedule?

Thanks RatRace for visiting my blog. I'm glad to have you here too.

Anna, you know what?—-You are right!! I'm going to do something this week. I might even wear it on thanksgiving. Thank a bunch.


Hey Partner! Looking beautiful!!

Thanks ma'am.

Hello Patricia…I do remember you. You can call Joanns directly and ask for Sheila to register for "Next Level Sewing" on December 5th 4pm-7pm. Other dates will be made available later and will be listed on my lessons page. For now, this is all I have scheduled. Thanks for your interest.
JAS Fabrics and Crafts, LLC
Store #2415
HOUSTON, TX, 77055
Phone: 7134676170


I just discovered your blog and You Tube videos — what a wealth of knowledge you are making available to sewing enthusiasts! Thank you for sharing all of this wisdom — I look forward to diving in to learn more in the days ahead.

"Anonymous" Thanks for joining in on our journey.

Very lovely and it looks stunning, wear to the grocery store just because you can.

Purple is my favorite color. You look great! Job well done my sew sister. Alice -Houston

Good idea Opal….!!

Well thanks Alice…well appreciated.

It's always nice to have dresses or other garments in our closets when that special occasion does arise. Hope you did wear it for Thanksgiving dinner, if so I'm sure you were stunning. Nothing like a GREAT fitting sheath to give us that extra boost of confidence.

Dresses make for pretty times on ugly days. I wore it the next week and felt great. Thanks Faye.