I have been semi-MIA from my blog for way too long my wonderful sewing friends.  This new social media outlet, Periscope, has become a real goto for me because I love talking about sewing in real-time.

 Dispensing fitting help during my new “Fit Friday” scopes:

But, to do that, I have allowed my friends and family to be left behind who enjoy reading about my fun adventures in my sewing room.  So with this, I ask your forgiveness.  I am back, and you will be seeing a total turn around of blogging write-ups to get you up-to-date on my activities.   Just to name a few,  some of the fun things I have been working on include:

My wool coat and the details for construction which I shared on Periscope.

My sequin skirt, which I have been teaching about sewing on sequins.

The wonderful Christmas pajama party we had for holidays at my house.

Lest I forget my trip to Chicago for the annual Bernina USA Ambassador Reunion…

and my fantastic meet-up with the one and only Cennetta and the fun I had traipsing in the snow like a new kid.

My kids remember me and added two new charms to my lovely pandora bracelet.

In case you have forgot, or just didn’t know, my YouTube videos are still going strong.  With more being added weekly to help you fit your patterns for better fitting projects each time you sew.
There are also a few good tutorials I have written for the BERNINA USA blog WeAllSew, including the tips on making great buttonholes. 

 Until next time, have a wonderful, wonderful new year celebration and be safe.

8 Thoughts on “My Apologies for my absence….I am not MIA::: I’m Periscoping Live!!

  1. You have been very busy! But, you are awesome because you willingly share content and information that pwople would have to pay $$$$ to get this information.

  2. Thank you Alethia. I didn't realize actually how busy, until I wrote this post. This is only half of the stuff I have been hiding from my friends.

  3. Yes you have been very busy and enjoy your periscopes… keep it going.

  4. Hello Andrea. I’ve been following your blog all year. I truly enjoy the sewing the blogging community. I’ve learned a lot from sewists all over the world. Some, such as yourself are great at sharing details of sewing projects. Keep it up and Happy New Year. A toast to all the “2016” sewing projects.

  5. Great post looking forward to reading your blog in 2016!

  6. Thanks a bunch Sheila. I'm loving the live interaction.

  7. Thank you Debora. What a wonderful group of folks to know virtually. Here is to virtual sewing guilds.

  8. Thank you Faye. And thanks for being such a great Periscope cheerleader!!!

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