You brought new life to an old concept.  Simplicity, are you there?  I think we can now be friends.  You are bringing new life into my low mojo sewing world, no frills, just plain and simple style without all the bells and whistles.  I’ve been having trouble sewing lately, which is why my friends have been encouraging me to go simple.  Something, I don’t really do very well.  The harder the better is my motto, however, that can be stifling at times and limits my creativity.  Which again, is why I say, thank you simplicity and newlook.

Oh, yes, and as I said before, wardrobe styling is not my thing, but I can put together some clothes on the machine.  You know that thing we all love…the sewing machine.  This fabric has been with me a while waiting to be added to the rotation and so here it is in all its glory.  And I love it!  Especially, with my basic “white button down shirt” presented in my fitting videos on youtube.

 This is a striped rayon knit, with white raised ribs running through it…lots and lots of stretch to boot, yet still slightly stable on the lengthwise grain so it won’t stretch out of shape.  I did secure the shoulder seams and the back neck seam with clear 1/4″ elastic.  The sleeves are great at the length on the pattern.  If I had made them any longer, my tendency would be to roll them up.  I think this will go well with any long sleeve ensemble.  So you may be seeing this quite often if you know me in real life.  Don’t hate.  (Oops, sorry I’m being a little sassy y’all.)  I think it’s the outfit.  What do you think?  HeHe.

 What a glorious day it is….I couldn’t help but just stand there and watch the cars pass.  I didn’t even realize I had snapped the camera.  (I use a tripod and a remote.)  So, I think this is one of my favorite pictures.

 Okay, I’ll spare you guys all the extra pictures…because I just love this look, but I know how hard it is to just keep on scrolling and see a zillion pictures of one person in the same outfit.

OH YEAH!!  Construction Notes:  
  • I cut a medium…the neck in the back can be made a tad smaller, it is wide.  
  • Also, for the center back seam, I made it curved from the blades into the waist and then our over the buttocks so it would hang straight and not get caught up at the hips, as my dusters do from the store. 
  • For the finishing around the edges, I just folded it over 3/8″ and stitched using a machine zig-zag. 
  • The sleeves were stitched on the serger using a technique I call blind stitching on a serger.  I made a low-grade video here…if you are inclined to watch.

 Let’s talk about stripe matching here y’all…. My OCD tendencies wanted to take this whole thing apart and redo it for “the blog”.  But, I needed to get this done. It made me feel really good!!!  I mean really good to finish something in 30 minuties.  I had to get out and gone to a meeting.  It’s not cold outside, yet quite breezy.  This is the Houston weather for November.  So, ugh!!! YEAH!! the lines don’t match… WWWWHAAT eva– y’all just gonna have to get over it this time.  I did!

Thanks so much for keeping up with this journey of mine.  I enjoy everyday I can share with you all. Your comments and questions always bring a smile to my face. 
 So until next time, keep sewing.

19 Thoughts on “NewLook 6378: The Kimono- New life for an old concept

  1. This is a GREAT look. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Woman you look fabulous!!!!!!!

  3. So cool! I'm having a bit of cardi envy over here.

  4. Oh I thought it was pink when I saw it on IG; I like it more now that I see that it's striped! 🙂

    so stylish!

  5. Thanks for the video. I never thought about doing that on my serger.

  6. Looks Fabulous! that's great matching of stripes! I would have cut it on the fold to avoid having to do that. Thanks for all the photos

  7. Thanks knitmachinequeen.

  8. Andrea. Well thanks ma'am.

  9. Okay then, Bobbi you know what you need now. Lol. Thank you.

  10. Thanks SewCraftyChemist.

  11. Thanks Charlene– I'm glad the video was helpful. I know it was low grade.

  12. Thanks Carla, of course a fold would work for most..but in my case I like it to fall straight from the hip, which is why I needed the curve in the center back seam to allow for a prominent darierre' Or I could have added darts.

  13. This duster is beautiful. The bright happy color is gorgeous on you. I love the whole ensemble. Very chic and stylish!

  14. Anonymous on November 11, 2015 at 3:02 am said:

    Oh Andrea–you ARE going to show us how to make that back seam adjustment, aren't you? I never make that style just because it always gets hung up on my butt!
    Lisa SF Bay Area
    your devoted follower!

  15. Well thank you Penelope.

  16. Thanks Tomasa. I appreciate it.

  17. Lisa you know I've got you covered.

  18. Anonymous on November 11, 2015 at 5:43 pm said:

    In more ways than one! Thank you Andrea!
    Lisa SF Bay Area

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