Have you ever taken pictures for Sew-N-Tell that you just didn’t want to share?  This post may display a few of those pics of some really weird expressions on my face.  Half the time I didn’t know what the heck I was looking at, or where I was looking.  My hand wasn’t communicating with my face when I pressed the remote for the camera.  But I did remember to smile.  
Pokadot blouse

Either way, I still felt compelled to share my dotted blouse with you guys.  I have been promising a few of my friends and sewing buds that I would talk about this one for sometime now.  I made this back in July, and have worn it several times.  I guess I will call this one: #LATER-Blog, since late Instagram shots are tagged #latergram.  This internet/social media language is hilarious with all the hashtags and acronyms and such.  

  Pokadot blouse
Shirts and blouses are lacking in my closet, so lately I have been really trying to fill the gap.  This is blouse part of a series of queued items I have been working to get done.  I do love button down shirts.  They are so simple to dress up or down. 
Pokadot blouse
This one is the basic darted front top with a separate collar stand and the continuous lapped cuff with pleats.  OOH but me, with my rushing ended up putting the darn thing on backwards, oh well!!!  If you are close enough to see it, then you must sew!! Because I didn’t catch it until I was wearing it the second time around.  LOL  That is so funny!!  
Pokadot blouse
The first time I wore this blouse, I had the sleeves rolled up because it was so crazy hot here.  The fabric is really cool and quite breezy, but I do live in an extremely humid climate. The pattern does run short, so if you are taller than say 5’5″, you better add some inches to the hem.  I didn’t add anything and I’m 5’5″.  
Pokadot blouse
The back has shoulder darts, which I hate, because I always have to make them smaller.  My back is much straighter than what these patterns allow for in the upper back and shoulder areas.  I did, however, have to make a few adjustment worth mentioning:
  • Broad back adjustment of 1/2″
  • FBA of 1.5″, which made for a really large dart that I have to rotate a portion of into the side seam and waist dart.
  • I extended the front and back waist darts through to the hem
  • added 2 inches at the hip

Fabric considerations call for lightweight linens, chiffon, silk types and such.  I used a Silk/Cotton Voile ETA:  My fabric is a Cotton/Linen Lawn,  I picked up in Portland this past summer.

After I got home, in my inbox was an announcement from Sew Much Fabric, called “Seeing Dots” offering a fabric with the same colors but different fiber content less the plane ticket of course!!!

15 Thoughts on “Sew-N-Tell: My New Blouse!!! Vogue 8772

  1. I recognize that blouse!!!!! Great in the pictures and even better in person. Glad I got to see it on you. And even better that we had such a lovely visit 🙂

  2. Nice fit! Too funny~ fabric message

  3. Great looking blouse, so happy you shared it.

  4. That's a sharp looking blouse!

    I just made my first one with a collar and collar stand. The collar came loose in one place the first time I washed it. I'd love to see you write some tips about how to construct them properly. Yours looks so professional.

  5. I've seen this blouse in person and it is gorgeous!!!!

  6. Thanks Rhonda, it was so wonderful to get to meet you.

  7. Dorothy, I'm always looking for a reason to travel. But its getting easier now to get good fabric now that the internet and the online community is moving sewing to the front again as a fun hobby.

  8. Thanks MaryMary86, I will keep that in mind.

  9. Thanks Roz, and I do think this fabric is for sure the Lawn we talked about. I've made the changes above. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

  10. That is some very cool polka dot fabric! Gorgeous blouse!

  11. I love the great prints you use. This one does not disappoint. Love the blouse. And I can't see that the sleeve placket is backwards. I must not be a sewist. LOL

  12. Thanks sewexhausted. It is really comfortable.

  13. Thanks Nhi Huynh, I guess when you spend so much time sewing something you get self conscious it it not right.

  14. Great job on this blouse. I really like the way it turned out. And thank you for sharing the details on your fit adjustments.

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