The sheath dress fit-along has come to a close.  If you are on my YouTube channel and are part of my IRL fashion sewing group, you are well aware of all the work and fun that has been had in completing this dress. I did a complete fitting tutorial and multiple instructional videos on changing the necklines, adjusting the pattern and working your way through fitting the dress.  This all began last summer (2015) with the white shirt, then the pencil skirt, then the denim jacket.  I wanted to thank all of you for continuing to follow along with this “one-woman” shop.  I have been through a few ups and downs on the road to bring you these tutorials, and have tripped up a few times.  But each time I have reached out to you via social media, you have not let me down.  My list of to-dos, and in-completes is really long, as long as my heart is big, for sharing.  My husband is probably the most patient man in the world.  He knows how passionate I am about sewing and doesn’t complain.  Am I a “Stedford” wife?  I would say not! Because if I were, you all would not see very much of me at all….here’s to my husband for his kindness, love and unwavering patience!!

Now, for the goods-  “This lovely dress!!

The fabric was provided by Sew Much Fabric in support of my idea to bring to you this Sew-To-Fit Along.”   Of course we all need a great fitting basic sheath dress. I sure needed a new one in my wardrobe, but breaking down and making one took some work from me, and of course some prodding and direction from my great Wardrobe Consultant, Roz Ghaither, the owner and operator of Sew Much Fabric.  I’m not all sappy about her y’all, I just love working with people who put customer service at the top of the list.  I’m a sucker for good customer service.  I named this post “I Am Not a Stedford Wife!!” because that is the mold I felt I was being forced into when told to “stick to the basics”.  EWWWW!!!

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A great deal of participation, help and support came from my fun loving loyal fans and followers over on periscope for this endeavor.  I know YOU ALL are very loyal and very supportive of every single thing I do.  However, I must admit these ladies help me with my to-do list, and are constant reminder “bells” to keep me focused and on track.  That live connection is just so gratifying for me and really motivates the creative genius that I am.  As I prepared for this photo session, I asked myself:  “Can I vamp this dress up a little.” …it just reminded me so much of my “corporate” days.  I almost felt like I should have splashed a little paint on the front.  Then I decided to do a little Peri-photoshoot and get help from my live viewers.  They encouraged the pie plate and bowl ensemble.  I loved every thing about this shoot.  Even the relation to the elusive “Stepford Wife” icon.

My granddaughter was the stylist in all this to make sure I had to right shoes and jewelry for the shoot.  You know how it is when you prepare to go somewhere…it is easy to get dressed and prepped. However, doing a photoshoot takes practice and skill.  This area is not my strong suit, so I seek help wherever I can find it, even if it means trusting my “Mini-Me.”

The apron will be reviewed more in a later post.  It has its own story to tell.  WendybyDesign was the one to host an apron Sew-Along back in December that got me to sew this one.  I love it.  Thanks Wendy.

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Sheath Dress Construction Details:
This dress has been detailed so exhaustingly in videos on my youtube channel, that it is hard for me to honestly talk about its construction any further.  Please just enjoy the pictures and know that any questions you could possibly have regarding this dress is already documented in the videos on my channel.  If there are any questions you have directly please leave a comment and let me know so I can make public any content that hasn’t been release.  Trust me, it has all been filmed or broadcast on Periscope.  I only did Tissue Fitting, which is detailed extensively in my Youtube videos.  
  1. Pattern is Vogue 9025, size 14
  2. Alterations: FBA, Broad back, waist lengthened, Armhole made smaller, hips adjusted for larger rear end.
  3. Zipper excluded because fabric stretches so well.
  4. Lined completely
  5. Lowered and reshaped the neckline- video here.
  6. many more…..

  •  I don’t mean to send you on a wild goose chase.  It’s just easier at this point to direct you if you have questions, rather than go into trying to determine what might be a good topic to discuss with the dress fitting and pattern work. 

 Thanks for understanding.  Much appreciation to you all!!!!  Please enjoy the pictures!!

If I wanted to take this dress apart and knit-pic every single wrinkle, it would be ridiculous.  I could have worn a body slimmer to take care of the back rolls….yeah right!!??  Whatever, you just hold that thought.  In the mean time, lets be real, this is a ponte knit, very nice I might add.  Beefy with wonderful recovery.  The fit is wonderful, considering I did not do a muslin.   Now, I’m gonna go eat some pie. 
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35 Thoughts on “Sheath Dress Chronicles:: I Am not a Stepford Wife!!

  1. I love it!! And especially with the polka dot shirt
    I'm working on leaning fitting this summer nervous and excited

  2. Lovely dress and great pics. Yourgranddaughter is so adorable and makes a great assistant.

  3. Wonderful post and wonderful dress.

  4. Andrea your dress is beautiful and the fit is "perfect". The information you put out there for this sew along is well worth looking at. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge 🙂
    I also enjoyed watching the photoshoot with your grand daughter. It was a pleasure to watch you both while I was working in my own sewing room

  5. Beautiful and flattering!

  6. Great fit! Beautiful pictures and lovely granddaughter.

  7. Hey lady, The dress is beautiful, perfect fit. Two snaps up! 😉

  8. Great dress! I love all the options! And, overall, fun post to read!!!

  9. Anonymous on June 17, 2016 at 5:28 pm said:

    This dress is gorgeous and your blog is a delight! Thanks for increasing our sewing knowledge and confidence. Hope that pie was as good as it looks!

  10. Very Pretty, Andrea! You granddaughter is a doll! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Love the dress! Cutess apron ever llol!

  12. lovely dress Andrea! and you're such an entertainer;)

  13. This is a gorgeous sheath dress that fits you beautifully – love it!

  14. You look soooo elegant! And a fit expert!!!

  15. Thank you Roz.

  16. Thank you Seams Long… take your time with learning fitting. It can become quite overwhelming if you try to do too many adjustments at a time.

  17. Thank you Sheila…she really is a big help.

  18. Thank you Faye.

  19. Much appreciated Ann. It's good to know that what I do is helping so many. That photoshoot was plenty fun and she just had a ball. Thanks for your support. Better than other reality tv…right?

  20. Well hello Dorothy, thanks for visiting and many thanks for the kind compliments.

  21. Hey Girl…Cennetta, Two snaps! Yes ma'am. LOL.

  22. Well thank you very much Alethia. Glad you enjoyed.

  23. Absolutely Dara, thank you .

  24. NICE!!! NICE!!! NICE!!! FIESTA 😉

  25. I love this dress, and to think I was able to watch you in the process of making and fitting. You never disappointment. I love the look especially with the polka dot shirt..

  26. I looked at the back and thought what an amazing fit. I didn't see back rolls at all. I think sometimes we over analyze our makes when they are just fine. It's a beautiful dress Andrea and I love that it's made from a ponte!

  27. Hello Andrea!
    I am so excited to find you this morning. I have a BLOG also, but not nearly as well done as yours. I am going to direct my followers to your BLOG in my next post because you have fabulous information for new seamstresses, and I seem to attract a lot of them. My BLOG is:

  28. Thank you Teresa.

  29. Thank you Judith. I checked out your blog. I love everything about it, although, I have been following your youtube channel for a while now.

  30. Well thank you very much Tomasa.

  31. Much appreciated Monica.

  32. So glad you like it Sewnisha. Thanks for all the support .

  33. Well thank you so very much Joyree. I have been following your youtube everyday for the last 2 years. I love everything you talk about. Such a fun and engaging blog. Thanks for they support and for sending folks my way.

  34. Carolyn, you are so very right. I don't know why I have a tendency to way overanalyze my garments. I wore it to a function friday and felt so very comfortable. I never gave one thought to any fitting issues.

  35. This looks really good on you, as do all of your creations. After watching several of your youtube videos, I understand why. You've got fitting down to a science. I'm in the process of learning how to fit my bust, my major area of concern, and trying not to become overwhelmed in the process. Please pray for me:) Thank you for sharing your knowledge and keep smiling and laughing, it's infectious!

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