Last year I went back to the basics. With the help of a wardrobe consultant, I have been steadily trying to make basic garments to go along with the fun flashy mood enhancing outfits I am prone to focus on regularly.  She insisted I make a basic white shirt, here.  I followed along, rather defiantly, but I did what I was told.  I had no idea that the basic white shirt would become one that I would reach for more often than not.  However, my inner child couldn’t be held back for much longer, I had to “turn it up” a notch so to speak.  Thus, I bring to you my version of the basic white button down shirt!!!!  Tadah!!!

It is so much fun when you can create exactly what you want and have it work out the first time around.  This is particularly so because I had already gone through the process of fitting and tweaking my basic sloper for the “darted” front bodice some time ago.  So all I had to do was make the changes to the basic shirt pattern as needed to make this one.  I had a few design elements in mind that I knew I wanted, including that elastic sleeve detail.  I just love it.

I kept the upper band flat and just kept the 1″ elastic in the area of the sleeve to keep it flat over the bust and at the back.  This small detail made all the difference for me.  

Another very important detail that made the difference for this being an “off-the-shoulder”, was the need for a different type of dart.  I made the regular side bust dart into a “french” dart so that it would not appear like a lone line floating in a sea of clouds.  It also elongated the torso.  Another win.  Also, I just had to have the regular “men’s” shirt pleat in the back in order to give it that oversized look.  Since I have fallen in love with my new “boyfriend” jeans, I now wanted to have a “boyfriend” shirt.  So, I made sure I exaggerated the length of the bodice and the sleeves.
The sleeve cuffs are really regular double button oversized as well so they hang over my thumb just a little to make it look too big but not slouchy.  The buttons were a gift from a customer, which made the outfit.  It really is amazing how easy it is for people to understand your style just by the clothes you wear. 

And to think, I didn’t want to wear an “off-the-shoulder” because I don’t like the idea of adding any extra to my chest area.  This flat band treatment really made all the difference.  The pants are my Style Arc Cassie pants from last year I think.

Construction Details:

  • Pattern- self drafted

  • Pattern Details:
    • Rotate side dart to french dart
    • disregard waist darts so as to keep all amount of fullness 
    • lengthen bodice front and back by 2 inches
    • lengthen sleeve 2 inches
    • slash and spread sleeve cap to add fullness at top only all the way to cuff
    • measure and cut top of shoulder and sleeve away.
Have you taken the time to make sure you have a basic pattern that you can work from when you find that special outfit or garment inspiration?

24 Thoughts on “That Classic White Button Down Shirt…..sort of.

  1. I love this shirt. I want to make it in a light Jean fabric.

  2. Wow, self drafted, it really is a beautiful shirt, love the off the shoulder look. You look amazing.

  3. This is a great shirt and so feminine and pretty. I am a white shirt fiend and may just have to have one of these in the closet. Thanks for giving such a great tutorial on the pattern changes. You rock.

  4. OH my I am on love with that shirt.

  5. OMG! This sure is fabulous! You know girlfriend, I have to have a top like this in my wardrobe! You look so chic and stylish in this top (actually the entire outfit)! Thanks so much for sharing, you are the best!

  6. I love an off-the-shoulder top and I love this one! It's awesome and you look great!

  7. This is a great look and you wear it well, my dear.

  8. Lovely! The off the shoulder detail looks great!

  9. Your changes have totally transformed the classic shirt. It is no longer a classic white shirt but a sassy white shirt. Beautiful!

  10. Thanks samone, that would be lovely.

  11. Thank you Sharon. Took a little work. But I was determined.

  12. Thanks Bunny. Go for it. I would really like to see what you come up with. Let me know how it works out for you.

  13. Hello Denise. You should make one.

  14. Thank you Myra. If you make it let me know if you have questions. I would love to see your version.

  15. Thank you Erica B. all you need is just one more. That is all. Just one more, it wouldnt hurt right? Lol.

  16. Cennetta thanks very much.

  17. Much appreciated "My Handmade Space".

  18. Tomasa, I love "Sassy White shirt" not classy. Thank you.

  19. Very pretty and summery if that a word, 🙂

  20. Oh my! This is not the traditional button down shirt. It is very appealing.

  21. This is really nice and on trend

  22. Thanks Marcy. I think its a word…if not, I really don't care, cause I like it.

  23. Thanks Dorothy, of course it is, its just in overdrive, right.

  24. Thank you Serenity.

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