Hello there, this video is an in-depth explanation of how I tissue fitted a Knit Cardigan using Newlook 6735 as part of the wardrobe builders challenge I participated in with my sewing groups online and off.  As well as an extension of our Sewing Fashionistas Group for our Wardrobe Fit-Along: The Knit Top.

I thought this might be helpful for you all to work to fit any sweater that you may sew this fall as well. I have made two of these already and have a couple more on the table to cut and sew within the next couple months. I am working still to pull together all the content I filmed in making the alterations for this cardigan and my t-shirt. So please stay tuned and subscribed so you can get the updates on the actual tissue alterations when I upload the videos.

Thanks for joining in the process to sew and fit your perfect wardrobe.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.


6 Thoughts on “The Cardigan- Tissue Fitting for Knits: Video Tutorial

  1. I am not a lover of tissue fitting, however, watching your video I can see the benefits of doing a tissue fit. Great video. Thank you for taking the time to make it.

  2. How do we find your other YouTube videos?

  3. Great video on tissue fitting! I must do this more often! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh yes, Mariela, tissue fitting is note the the end all way. But, I must tell you it is the only way my mother only tested a pattern before cutting. The idea of cutting test fabric was not a budget item to be wasted. Every cut of fabric was for a garment to wear.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Karen. My videos are linked in the menu bar above if you are on a Mobil device and in the side bar on the desktop.

  6. You are welcome Sue. Thank you for checking in to my slice of the world. Those videos are a great way for me to share.

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