About a month ago I agreed to be added to a pool of folks for a fabric swap and be randomly paired with a swap partner.  We were required to exchange any piece of fabric from our stash. We were to sew it up in any way we felt best represents us and our esthetic. This group thing is bringing forth some serious sewing mojo out of me.  Because, I need, absolutely need, human interaction, not just online contact.  Combined with Periscope, this group provides the interaction of an IRL sewing group.  Okay, I think I have done my fabric justice, as well as made my swap partner proud. I present to you #thegreatfabricswapsmt finished garment.

vogue 1245

To my “fabric swap” partner, Kimberly:  Thanks very much for the fabric.  

I admit, I was apprehensive about working with this chiffon, with hopes I could produce something that would give it life beyond your imagination.  I had an idea immediately when I laid eyes on it for a shirt dress.  But, as I began manipulating it and considering my options, I decided that a shirt dress would make the fabric a little too “business” and take away from my style choices of “fun and frills”.  I wanted some type of frills added in to soften the hard stripes while at the same time maintaining its true nature.  So by juxtaposing them with chevrons and ruffles throughout, I felt I was able to get that fun feminine look with an obvious “manly” print.  Something, I learned, is normally a fashion faux pas.  The fashion world is not my go too place for making decisions to fit my own since of style and taste.  There just may be too many limitations for me. So, thank you for challenging me to think outside the box.

vogue 1245
For those Pericrafter folks who were up all night with me while I sewed this dress during my “LIVE” broadcast…I say thank you!!!   These ladies took the time to vote on the design layout of the skirt.  Whether to put the chevrons in the front and center or to use the straight lines on the front.  Click this link to see the 1minute video of what we did.  
You all are wonderful.  But for me, I must apologize, because, as soon as I got off that last “sewing” and “voting” scope, I totally, sewed the skirt on inside out.  So although, the Chevron was the clear winner, I just ended up with the straight stripes because I refused to take out all the stitching I had placed in the waistline for added security.  For those who voted on what color I would wear underneath…well, I guess I just broke my own rule.  The bra won out in the end, because I did not like the red slip I made right before taking these pictures.  With this being a Polyester Chiffon and the lining adding to the layers, it is just too much for our Houston humidity!! I was sweating while trying to get these pictures taken.

vogue 1245
vogue 1245 #thegreatfabricswapsmt
I believe it was the shiny tricot/something I got at Hancock that threw off the look of this dress.  I will still search for a more suitable lining later.  The black turned out just fine.  It actually made the dress look good…yet again, the layers are just too much for this heat.  I will save this dress for the cool fall/winter months.  Just know however, that it will absolutely get a lot of wear eventually.  Just not this summer. (sad face).  

#thegreatfabricswapsmt by Sewtofit.com
OOps…forgot to hide the bra straps.

Construction Details: 
The pattern is Vogue 1245 made into a dress.  I cut a size medium and lengthened it in the bodice by 1.5 inches and about 16 inches on each flounce/peplum piece.  All seams are french, and the hems are all machine rolled.  

The neckline and the waistline are finished with a banded channel for the drawstrings, which I cut on the crossgrain to give it a contrasting affect.  I really like how that came out.  

Until next time, you can always find me hanging out at Periscope.tv/Sewtofit.  What skirt design and underlay would you have chosen?

35 Thoughts on “The Great Fabric Swap Challenge and a Pattern Review

  1. You did a beautiful job with this chiffon!!!! I love it! And I agree on the black underpinnings vs the ReD! The ReD shoes are just the right touch!!!!!

    Ruqayyah (ReDpants Designs)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous it came out better than it looked on the manikin in the red shoes are popping I think that's the look this summer off the shoulder I made about three off to shoulder dresses tops things that aren't hardly touching your INβ€ΌοΈπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸΎπŸΎ

  3. This is just lovely! You made a so-so piece of fabric sing!

  4. This is gorgeous Andrea! I like it with the black underneath.

  5. This is such a great review!!! And, your dress is fabulous, you wear it well!!

  6. The outfit is fabulous! You did a great job with the fabric. 🌹

  7. You did a wonderful job on this great dress. Enjoyed watching the construction.

  8. I live this gorgeous dress in this gorgeous woman! Great work as usual, Ms. Andrea!

  9. Simply beautiful!!

  10. Thanks Ruqayyah.

  11. Wow Marcy. You are working that off the shoulder trend. This dress/blouse shows as on the shoulder. But you know how that is. Love the impjis.

  12. Thank you Carolyn. This challenge made me think.

  13. Thanks Erica. I didn't think it would look modest enough. But I like it.

  14. Thank you Alethia. This was a fun challenge.

  15. Well thank you very much Tonya.

  16. Very beautiful! I 'd have had a hard time with this kind of fabric.

  17. That construction video was fun Faye. So glad you enjoyed it.

  18. Well Myra. I'm over here blushing. Thank you so very much.

  19. Hey there Olynda. Thank you.

  20. Andrea your dress looks beautiful! And I love the black underneath and the shoes are perfect.
    I enjoyed your videos on the construction of this garment.

  21. Thank you Ann. I think black is going to be the winner here.

  22. What a beautiful dress!

  23. That's a beautiful dress. I want to be you when I grow up.

  24. Great job with this lovely striped fabric!!

  25. Beautiful dress – you most certainly did justice to this striped fabric. I agree that black underneath is the best.

  26. Lovely results and I love the black lining!

  27. You did a beautiful job, as always!!! πŸ™‚ I vote Black underneath too πŸ™‚

  28. Thanks Dwan.

  29. Wow Sheri, Thanks so much.

  30. Thanks Linda.

  31. Well thank you very much Tomasa. This black does look better.

  32. Thank you Eryn.

  33. Thanks for checking in an voting Brittany. Much appreciated.

  34. Andrea, this is SO STUNNING!!!! Wow! I love everything about it! I understand about the layers and heat of the summer. Even though I live north of you, we are having an unseasonably HOT and HUMID summer and anything polyester is going to hang in my closet for a while!

  35. Thank you very much Sue.. this summer is gonna really test us all. I have been removing all my polyesters from my sewing que. No use trying to fit it in this time around.

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