I have searched and searched for the perfect Henley pattern for years now. I finally came across this one by way of my January Stitch Fix. It was so right I had to duplicate it for future use. I did make an attempt at drafting one before, but I couldn’t figure out what fine detail was missing until now. So I went back to the drawing board and self-drafted this tee with the same details that caught my attention in the Stitch Fix version. Now I know, it was the neckline shaping!!

Grey henley t-shirt with sleeve bands and button placket.

So many fine details make up the perfect wardrobe piece. It’s a wonder I don’t have ten of these by now. I made it about two weeks ago, maybe three. I don’t even remember. What I do remember is that I have worn it so many times that one things for sure, is that I better hurry and find some more fabric and get a few more completed, before my family calls the fashion police.

Of course there was only a few tweaks I had to make for it to fit me the way I like, and that was the arm circumference. The fabric for future makes need to be very lightweight and breezy for it to feel comfy.  It’s really no secret, I’m a button-down and t-shirt kinda gal.  So if I can get it to feel that comfortable, then it will be in heavy rotation in my closet, which is why I needed help for ideas on styling beyond the regular “t-shirt” wear.

For this one, I made the sleeve tabs faux, but next time I will go ahead and put actual buttonholes in them. The main reason for that is I keep trying to unbutton them and lower the sleeves. The button placket is fully functional, just as I wanted with a narrow lightly interfaced band. I am really very happy with the make, I even allowed my daughter to style me up, since I’m prone to just throw this very comfortable top on for any relaxed occasion. I needed her to give me pointers on taking a simple wardrobe piece to another level and jazz it up. I chose the shoes myself, the boyfriend jeans are something I have fallen head over heels for as well. They too are another Stitch Fix find. Total score!! I’m rocking her hat too. I wore it when I visited NYC last year. I do love to wear hats, problem is it is hard to find the right size for my noggins.

I get a kick out of understanding the history and meaning or background for the things I wear or what I do.  For this, I wanted to check out where or what “henley” really is, and this is what I found….
  • The men’s henley is a “collarless” version of a polo shirt with three “signature” buttons.
  • The top button is never buttoned closed… hence the women’s version is a little more sexy with the top opened down to resemble a v-neck
  • It is usually long sleeve and may be worn as a base layer to a jacket.

Here is a video of the original Stitch Fix fashion show where i show you their version.

Rodeo season is upon us and hats are a big thing in these parts. What say ye about hats? Do you wear the big ones are keep to the more conservative type?

36 Thoughts on “The Perfect Henley Tee- What it means to be a Henley

  1. Sewnaptural on February 15, 2016 at 2:24 am said:

    Andrea… you did a great job and your style is a awesome too. I would like that tee to wear with my jeans.

  2. Thanks Sewnaptural. I'm really happy with this one.

  3. I love the look, you did a great job with the Tee.

  4. I love your henley top. That was the perfect fabric for it too.

  5. Loving the Tee, looks great on you

  6. I love the tee and really love how you found one in your Stitch Fix and recreated it. I love hats but they don't love me. You look darling in a hat.

  7. Love the look Ms Andrea. We need to know how we can self-draft us a Henly t-shirt. Lol!

  8. Thank you Sewnisha.

  9. Thanks Faye. The fabric can really make or break the look.

  10. Hello there Michele. Thank you.

  11. It's interesting Lori, but I just know the stylist is really paying attention to me and my style. Thanks for the compliment.

  12. Thanks Brenda…you will learn before long. Stick around.

  13. So cute! Yes, you need many more of these!

  14. Stepnn2me on February 16, 2016 at 6:41 am said:

    LOVE the hat! Fantastic images and info!

  15. Wow this is a really nice top, the shoes though really gave your look a great boost! Love them!

  16. I love the look..Especially the tee!!

  17. Love the top! Is the fabric knit or woven? I still like it if it's knit but would beg for the pattern if it's woven ….

  18. Your top is fabulous and it fits you beautifully. Love it! As for hats, I don't wear any. I do pull up the hood attached to my puffy coat when it's super cold but that's about it for head coverings. I do own a couple of hats but never wear them!

  19. Thanks Roz…definitely!!!

  20. Thank you Lashonda!! I was surprised when my daughter suggested the hat.

  21. Thank you Aobtrini. Those are the calvin klein "sneaker" soul shoes.

  22. Thank you Ms. Stephanie.

  23. Susan, it is a knit….but could easily be sewn in a woven.

  24. Thanks Tomasa…when I think about puffy coats with hoods, I see alaskan polar bears and icebergs. LOL…. You should work on your hat game.

  25. You would make a burlap sack look good! However, this Henley top is sweet! I love the style and don't know why I'm never made one either. Great inspiration, Andrea!

  26. BTW, Love this hat on you! I do love hats and have a few. I wear the most when I go on vacation.

  27. Wow Myra thanks for the kind compliment.

  28. Hats are my "bad hair" must haves. Essentially, I make it a bad hair day just to wear hats anytime. Thanks.

  29. Yes!! Yes!! And Yes!!! You did this right Miss Andrea. I am loving everything about the pulled together, but not so "pulled" together look. The shoes are on point, I love the jeans, the top looks great on you. You definitely need to make more to add to your wardrobe. How long did it take you to make the top?

  30. Hello Lynette..thanks a bunch. I only took about 2 hours after the pattern work to complete start to finish. Of course it was a newly drafted pattern, so I had to make sure things when together correctly.

  31. I love the whole look! I am a huge fan of hats! You look fab!!!!!

  32. Yes, I love hats, well, I have learned to love hats, since going back to natural two years ago….it's cold in NY. I don't worry about my hair as much…lol

  33. Oh yes. That natural, I think that was one of my reasons too.

  34. Thanks Ruqyyah, Your hat wardrobe is Pinterest worthy.

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