I wasn’t going to put this up on the blog, but, I just couldn’t rob you all of this beautiful dress.  You see, I don’t like to make muslins unless I really need to.  So most of my “first” are really wearable muslins.  You see, I can make wearable muslins anytime, because I have someone that will fit whatever I don’t like and love it.  You know that kid?  “Mikey” Well, that is my Mom and Sister… Although, they have their own peculiarities about fit, they are taller and shorter than me in the torso.  Both, wear the same size 14 as me.  However, one has a long torso and the other has a shorter torso.  One has a “B-butt” and a foxy figure and thin thighs, and the other has a “B-butt” and thick thighs.  I am a “DD-Butt” with thin thighs.  Thus, we can interchange outfits made from knit and they will look different, fit different, yet still “fit” each of us pretty well.

I previously made this dress, and I loved it!  However, the torso was a little long since I added the FBA using the pivot and slide method along with shortening the cross over and lengthening the skirt back.  However, for this one, along with using the straight skirt…I left the length in the bodice for mom.  She doesn’t like taking OOTD pics for the web…so I’m modeling the dress.  And it fits me much tighter than it fits Mom, since my “DD-Butt” takes up some of the circumference.

Now, one thing about the skirt I need to warn you of….it had pleats and darts!!!  WHAT???  Why?  That really didn’t make since.  I took all that out and made the skirt as simple as possible with their rayon jersey from SMFabric.com.  Mom loved it, needless to say.  
Construction details are on the original post….here.
Just so you know…she was extremely happy with the dress.  

18 Thoughts on “Wearing Moms new Dress….Newlook 6301

  1. You are rocking this dress Andrea!

  2. Holy cow! Your ARE all beautiful! And I'm going out and get that pattern today! The dress is fabulous! I'm sure it will look gorgeous on mom, but it looks just great on you as well. Your fit descriptions of them still has me giggling! Thanks for this post!

  3. Oops had to delete the previous comment. Hit the publish button too soon lol you look awesome in this dress. I can see why your mom would love it.

  4. Thanks Sue. I almost didn't give it to her.

  5. LOL…after reading the descriptions again, I couldn't help but giggle myself. But when I think about pattern fitting, it just makes sense. You will like this pattern.

  6. Thank you Ann. She was very happy with the dress.

  7. Nice to see you and your family!
    My sister finally agreed to be a model on my blog! So I totally understand!!
    Beautiful dress as always!
    Take care!


  9. You're all beautiful and the dress are awesome!!

  10. Very nice job!!! Beautiful!

  11. Thanks Judith. Whats so hard for them to take a few pics right?

  12. Thank you Dara.

  13. Thanks JTurner.

  14. Well thank you very much Olynda.

  15. Very pretty dress, wonderful fit!

  16. Jackie Shepherd on July 18, 2016 at 7:52 pm said:

    You are all gorgeous and you look beautiful in your knit dress!

  17. The dress is so pretty. Good looks are strong in your family!

  18. Michelle Young on August 14, 2016 at 7:04 pm said:

    Andrea, you have a beautiful family. The dresses you are modeling are Gorgeous! Keep on perfecting and sharing your gifts.

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