Okay, I have been waiting to post this coat make for some time now, but I just couldn’t get any cold weather!!!  I started sewing and preparing it back in October 2015…and finished it at the end of November 2015.  We just don’t get the weather everyone else gets to justify a heavy coat like this.  How do the models do the swimsuit shoots in the cold and snow….?  I guess the same way southerners do the photoshoots for cold weather attire in the desert heat!!!  Hot and sweaty!!!

Simplicity 1015

Everybody would think that since I have been sewing for such a long time, that I am well versed in the art of coat-making.  Besides, it’s just a “jacket” with extra stuff inside, right?  Well that isn’t true…at least not for me. I put a lot of work into this coat…knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get much wear from it here at home.  I just wanted the full experience of making a coat.  Aside from that I just didn’t want to spend money buying one.  I wanted to feel the satisfaction so many of my sewing community enthusiast feel when wearing a coat they have made themselves. I got that feeling of satisfaction, it was like building a house or wearing a work of art!!!

Simplicity 1015

However, I have only been able to wear this coat one time…..yes!!!  ONE Time wear– and that was out of town.  I have yet to wear it again. Aaagh!!!

Simplicity 1015

Oh, about the trip that encouraged this make…Chi-Town!!!  The Windy City and snow to make this southerner feel at home and cozy warm all at the same time.  That was such a great deal.  I didn’t feel out of place, in my synthetics, as with my first winter snow trip to “Chi-Town” back in the 80s.  Oh my goodness, I froze my toes off on Lake Michigan!  I ended up wearing my cousins coats, clothes, and boats.  (Oh yeah, socks too.)  I had no idea back then, but now I’m just a tad older and wiser.  So this time, I really put in the required homework to have a warm over-coat for the “real” cold that is only known by my northern neighbors.

Simplicity 1015

SNOW!!!  Yes, I got to play in the snow.  The lining, a pre-quilted cotton with flannel backed satin sleeves, was put to the test, on this visit, and it did quite well.  I was warm and cozy the entire time.  What a fantastic feeling inside and out, knowing I wouldn’t need to borrow anyone else’s cold-weather gear.

Simplicity 1015

Simplicity 1015I even put in the extra time and consideration for a button-out lining for wearing it in less than freezing temps.  No go…not with this weight of wool (a melton) it is just too heavy for South Texas.  Just so you know…I had a fantastic time traipsing around in the snow.  I felt like a fabricholic in the garment district on christmas with no budget limitations.

Pattern & Construction Details::

  • Simplicity 1015, view B
  • Hongkong finished seams 
  • Poly silk lining 
  • Taped shoulder seams
  • Quick tailoring with fusible interfacing

Simplicity 1015
Has it been wasted, over $150 worth of materials and notions.  Would “fast-fashion” have been a better purchase, and the rest of my money and time be spent on more weather appropriate makes?

20 Thoughts on “Wool Coats in the South..Really???

  1. This coat is awesome and it was fun watching you make it. With this coat I would say the money was not wasted because you made the inner vest that is detachable. Unfortunately this year we southerners did get our ice winter but just know you are prepared now for next year or your next trip to the northern states

  2. Andrea your coat is beautiful and well worth the expense. I'd rather make than buy because I can choose color, fabric and fit. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your coat is beautiful. I have added Simplicity 1015 to my shopping list. As I do live in Chicago, I am also going to try the buttoned in lining. And it looks stunning on you. Congratulations on a sewing accomplishment!

  4. so pretty and love the color! I sympathize with wearing a coat in the south, but agree it's so much fun and so satisfying to make one. Enjoy this once a year! it's beautiful.

  5. Oh yes ma'am AMY. And the periscopes were fun indeed. Thanks for hanging in there with me through my late night sewing marathons. It is true…I will be prepared and not rushing next time I travel.

  6. Thanks Sherry. I would def not get the fit and colors I want at a good price anywhere else. Thanks.

  7. I don't see how you manage FabricDiva54. That Chicago weather is not for thin bloods like me. Thank you. You will be happy with the lining.

  8. Hello Coco. Yes, gratifying is truly the main reason I sew. Thanks, that color does brighten up the day.

  9. I love this coat on you and you wouldn't find one in RTW better made. I love the pattern and the color, great job.

  10. What a beautiful coat! I agree with Lori. There is no way you would be able to find this fabulous coat in ready to wear. The color is gorgeous and what a fun lining!

  11. For a warm weather gal you have done an amazing job on this coat. Love it all, the color, the lines, everything and its so pretty on you. I live up north and let me tell you something you now know. Coat making is SOOO satisfying and enjoyable. I am glad you got that experience despite your wonderful climate. Great job!

  12. Oh my goodness yes Ms.. Andrea, this coat is well worth the money and your time! The color is stunning on your beautiful complexion! Looks like you were having a lot of fun in the Windy City! I'm originally from the Midwest, neighbor to the Windy City, Milwaukee Wisconsin. They call it the frozen tundra, LOL! My blood is then now too since I've been in Florida for almost 20 years! Will never move back!

    Sorry I wasn't able to stay up for the late-night scopes, I'm an early riser and early to bed, LOL! I'll catch the replays!

    Enjoy your beautiful coat, it was well worth everything you put in it!

  13. Time and effort that you put into making the coat was worth the expense. You have a beautiful well constructed coat that was made specifically for you. I am glad that you did not opt for fast fashion. Job well done.

  14. Thank you Lori.. I see all the snow when you take pictures. But where I am there is no way to imagine how cold it really is since it just "looks" pretty. When I was making on periscope I had to get help from a lot of people as to the fit in order to make sure I allowed for layering.

  15. Thank you Tomasa. That's really true. I much find another use for this coat. Travel plans in progress.

  16. Thank you Bunny!! The feeling is exhilarating to say the least. I tried wearing it on the day I took these pictures but it was only 66 degrees in the sun. I was sweating and the coat is so heavy!! For some reason it did not feel that way when I was in 28degree Chicago weather. I took out the extra lining to find that it was still very cozy. With that I realized I had done a great job. So I'm ready now for your weather, although I really don't like the cold, just the novelty of it all.

  17. Hello Myra, thank you!! You ladies are my peri buddies. Whether you saw the replay or live your support and input helped me make it correctly so I would be warm enough. That part was what made the coat so much fun to make and share. Thin blood is my middle name. I always am taking supplements, so any cold temps make me slow down.

  18. Ikr Alethia. Fast fashion doesn't work it seems. I tried on a store coat and the fabric was thin even for my climate and it actually made me feel colder. It must have been the polyester content.

  19. It's never a waste of money if you love it !!! It's also such a classic color & style that it will be worn for many years !!!!! Great job !

  20. Thanks MaryEllen. This is true..as long as I love it.

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